Young Money Master SENIOR is a fun and pragmatic LIFETIME financial education programme designed for youths from ages 15-24 so they can have a big head start in their working life towards achieving financial success.

Firstly, our students will spend 2 full days with us in a creatively designed 2-day boot camp to build their fundamental foundation about wealth. After the boot camp, the students will go through a comprehensive lifelong continuous learning system to get them started in practicing what they learned in the camp.

Young Money Master Programme Structure

Young Money Master focuses on five modules, where the students will learn…

picYMMmodule1Module 1: Money Beliefs & Habits

“How-to-learn” and accelerate their learning process.
To develop positive money values so they will appreciate money and every single cent they have.
The 7 good money habits of a young money master
To embrace delayed gratification and avoid impulse purchases.
To take responsibility and take charge of their life.

picYMMmodule2Module 2: Money Management

A powerful money management concept that will determine whether people are rich, poor, or middle-class for the rest of their life.
A simple yet effective money management system that even kindergarten children can master.
To identify good debts and bad debts, and how to leverage the good debts and avoid the bad debts.
The smart and right ways to use credit cards.
To experience the danger of gambling.


picYMMmodule3Module 3: Passion

How to have BOTH financial success and personal fulfillment at the same time.
To make decisions which are aligned with their head and their heart.
To find a university degree or career that will best express their gift and talent.
To discover their inner passion that will allow them to live a rewarding life.
To appreciate their parents for their education and upbringing, strengthening family’s relationship.

picYMMmodule4Module 4: Leverage

The principles of working smart – how they can be more productive and effective.
The importance of networking, because the network is their net worth.
The secret of achieving a win-win outcome and synergetic collaboration
To develop their strategic thinking skill, planning, and problem solving skills.
To nurture good trading and negotiation skills.

picYMMmodule5Module 5: Financial Freedom Blueprint

The true concept of wealth.
To do their own personal balance sheet and income statement.
The different assets available in today’s market along with their income pattern.
To generate passive income with any profession or job.
To set their personal financial goal, and chart out step-by-step action plan to achieve it.



Young Money Master is designed to be very unique and experiential through a creative simulation, games and highly interactive activities. A city is set up with infrastructures and facilities like bank, casino, city hall, exchange board, property agency, insurance company, etc., to give the students an early exposure to the business and investment world. Starting at the age of 16, the students will learn to create wealth —acquire the best education affordable, graduate with an academic qualification, find suitable employment, manage their own finances and start to create wealth.

The simulation provides a safe environment for students to improve their money management skills and experience financial life ahead. As each person engages himself in this simulation, reflection of reality sets in. Unlike conventional motivational seminars which only empower one’s intellectual capital, Young Money Master focuses on the experiential angle that not only elevates their financial intelligence, but also enriches their intellectual and social capital. This holistic approach encourages our students to be completely engaged and open to explore and learn. Ultimately, each student will ask, “Where am I heading in life financially?” And that is the entire purpose of our programme.



Who Should Attend?

Youth from ages 15-24


Continuous Learning System

We are the ONLY financial education programme for youth in Malaysia that comes with a comprehensive continuous learning system to assist our graduates to get a head start in their financial journey.

1. Unlimited Online MentoringYMMpix-1-unlimited-online-mentoring

Our graduates will not only have access to the trainers when they need any financial advice, but will also receive 52-week money lessons via email.


2. Unlimited Programme Re-AttendanceYMMpix-1-unlimited-online-mentoring

Our graduates are welcome to re-attend the future Young Money Master Programme as a participant. They will get to reinforce all the learning points, embedding the lessons in their mind for life.


3. Quarterly Webinar Booster SessionYMMpix-3-monthly-lesson

Every 3 months we organize financial lessons through webinar for our graduates to learn and improve their investment skills. An expert speaker from the financial industry will teach the technical aspect of investment following the modules that had been designed. Our graduates will be continuously connected with like-minded friends who will support each other down their path to achieve their financial success.


4. Facilitator TeamYMMpix-4-senior-facilitator

Our graduates will have an opportunity to join our senior facilitator team, where they will return to facilitate the future boot camp and mentor their juniors. Not only will our senior coaches learn all behind-the-scene works of the programme and the fundamental elements that drive the economy, but will also develop their leadership, mentoring, management and communication skills.


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