Young Money Master JUNIOR is a 1-day financial education programme for teens from age 9-14. Young Money Master JUNIOR revolves around teaching these five concepts of money:

YMM Junior Model

In the programme, your teenage children will learn…

  • What is money and where does money come from
  • Develop the right mindset about money
  • Create an earning record book to keep track of earnings and expenses
  • Relationship of money, time, skills and energy and understand opportunity cost
  • Set SMART goals and SMART budget
  • Planning and develop the habit of delayed gratification
  • Difference and balance between wants and needs
  • Develop price comparison habits
  • Make decisions and take responsibilities for themselves
  • The role of a bank and the concept of interest
  • Cost of borrowing and when it is appropriate to borrow
  • The concept of credit and the consequences of buying now and paying later
  • Difference between saving and investing
  • Identify their money personality
  • To share with others who are less fortunate
  • Develop the habit of gratitude

YMM JUNIOR is fun, educational, and hands-on!

What’s  more? We also offer a FREE 1-hour parent-teen session to share with you the activities you can do with your teenage children at home so their habits and behavior can be built on a long term basis.


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