Q: My children are below 16 years old. Can they join?
A: The programme is designed for youths from 16-24. However, we do have students enrolling in the programme under the age of 16. Our youngest student is 12 years old and oldest is 27 years old. If you think your children are mature and it is the right time for them to expose to shares investment and property, then by all means, enroll them.

Q: How frequent do you organize the boot camp?
A: We organize our boot camp in every 3 months, usually during the weekend of school holiday.

Q: Can my children attend the monthly lesson before they attend the boot camp?
A: Yes. As soon as you enroll them in Young Money Master Programme, they will be invited to our monthly community lesson even before they attend the boot camp.

Q: Where do you usually organize the boot camp?
A: We usually organize the boot camp in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur. However, if your children are coming outside of Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, we do help in facilitating the accommodation for you. The programme fee DOES NOT cover cost of accommodation.

Q: What does the programme fee cover?
A: The programme fee covers the 2-day meal, shirt, learning materials, and lifetime learning cost under our continuous learning system.

Q: If my children re-attend the boot camp, will they need to pay?
A: Your children are entitled to unlimited re-attendance to the boot camp to refresh the lessons they have learned and to make new friends. They just need to pay a nominal fee for the 2-day meal. If they bring along their own food, then it is FREE!